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Monthly Newsletter

  The health and safety of your children are our top priority. 

As you have noticed, we have been spending the majority of our time outdoor doing our activities as well as eating our snack and lunch. 

Toddlers are exploring their world and learning everyday by observing and hands on activities. Every day we do different activities and stimulations for all ages to develop and learn. 

Their world is full of curiosity we discus simple things that they can become more verbal: such as reading, sound of animals, learning their body parts, and the more talking to them the faster they will develop their language skills.   


Toddlers parents

We are working with our infant to know their body parts by point to such as nose, eyes, teeth, mouth, ears, hair, and so forth also learning the sounds and the names of animals. It is amazing to watch them how much they have develop and learn everyday.             

Preschool Parents

please make sure go over the weekly themes and ask the question what they learned today. We do a lot of activities based on that theme.

In our circle time, we have been learning by reading the stories and ask questions. I am impressed watching some of our preschoolers have already developed their sight words knowledge and sound of the words (phonics we work with).

We do many  activities during the day specifically fine motor skills please make sure ask your preschoolers what they learned at the end of the day.  


Referrals are welcome

Currently preschool spot is available if interested please contact me.

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