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Shannar said, on May 23, 2023, 4:01

 I am delighted to share my positive experience with Westpark Montesori, where my daughter attended from the age of 8 months to 2 years old. The staff were exceptional in their kindness, patience, and love for our daughter. They went above and beyond to ensure that our daughter was happy, healthy, and well-cared for at all times.

As parents, it can be challenging to leave our children in someone else's care, but we were never uncomfortable or uneasy about our decision to entrust our daughter to Lailoma & Dan. The staff were professional and attentive, and it was always evident that they truly cared for her wellbeing and were passionate about their work.

Our daughter developed strong bonds with her caregivers and was always excited to see them each day. It was clear that she felt safe, secure, and loved while in their care. She thrived under the care of Lailoma and Dan, and we are so grateful for the wonderful environment they provided for her to grow and learn in.

We highly recommend Westpark Montessori ,to any parents in need of childcare. Thank you for providing such exceptional care to our daughter.

Kuljit Kaur said, on May 22, 2022, 2:20

We wanted to write a personal note to say thank you for all of your help with educating Krithav. We have seen tremendous changes in him since he started at your School. He loves his preschool, and it is effortless to see why. We truly appreciate all you and Mr. Nelson do to educate our child. We hope you accept the gift as an appreciation We sent with Krithav today.

We wanted to take the time to let you know how thankful we are.

Thank you again for being so kind to Krithav all the time and for your support...

Thank you,

Kuljit & Mandeep Soan 

Andrea Sanchez said on Nov 29, 12:19 AM

We’ve had our sons in Westpark Montessori preschool since August of this year and have seen such an improvement academically with our 3 year old and verbally with our 2 year old. Our 3 year old, only after 2 months with Lailoma and Dan, can already spell his name, recognize almost all letters of the alphabet and is even practicing writing his name. His fine motor skills have improved as well. Our 2 year old has increased his vocabulary immensely since he turned 2 in September. He can say 3 word sentences now! We are very impressed and pleased with their improvements since they’ve been in their care. They are always happy when we pick them up and talk about their friends at school and what they did during the day. If you want a fully structured kindergarten ready program then this is the preschool for you and your kids.

Melissa Nelson said on Dec 10, 2019 4:11 AM

I would recommend Montessori Way to anyone! My two daughters have attended since they were 6 months and a year and a half. Both have learned so much and love attending daycare every day. My five year old is now in kindergarten and was more than prepared for school. She is above grade level in all subjects and I have no doubt it is due to the curriculum and activities that Lailoma does with the kids daily. Lailoma and Dan are wonderful with the kids and both of my kids love them so much!

Wendy Lambert said on Jul 25, 2018 8:00 AM

My son has been with Lailoma for just about a year now, he is graduating to TK this year but I feel completely confident that he is ready because of Lailoma's help both academically and socially. When my son first started he struggled a lot with his writing and fine motor skills and was incredibly shy. Over his time there I have seen him blossom and become much more confident socially and has progressed an immeasurable amount academically. I always felt very comfortable having my son with Lailoma and Dan and he loved going and learning new things and being with his friends. I can't recommend Lailoma and Dan highly enough.

Emily Gray said on Dec 24, 2017 3:13 AM

Our twins went to West Park Preschool & Childcare for 2 years and we could not have been happier with the care and attention they have received. In addition to Lailoma providing a nurturing caring environment they exceled in learning and having fun while doing so. We also loved how we received a newsletter to keep us informed about activities and what the children would be learning during the upcoming month. I feel extremely lucky that my children had such a wonderful 2 years with Lailoma.

Adam Blosfield said on Aug 26, 2016 5:46 AM

My wife and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been part of the West Park Preschool and Daycare, The Montessori Way family for the past 3 years. Over the course of those three years, all three of our children have had the good fortune of attending West Park Preschool and Daycare, The Montessori Way. Our daughter began the program when she was just under 2 years old by attending three to five days a week until she ‘graduated’ at five years old. We couldn’t be more pleased with the foundation Lailoma’s program laid—both academically and socially. Now in kindergarten, she is simply thriving! Her ability to work independently can clearly be tied to the classroom time in which children practice ‘work’ on their activities. Her success with group work (and play) time is also evident as she displays the necessary skills of learning to share, taking turns, and working out problems independently which are just a few of the skills taught and practiced at The Montessori Way. Our son, now 5 months old has been attending Lailoma’s since he was three months old. To see the way they care for him, it truly is as if he is one of their own children…quite honestly, there is nothing more comforting to a parent knowing your children are in good hands; and they certainly are. The results have been fantastic. We saw a lot of growth in our daughter after only a few months and were delighted with how much she had learned and grown by the time she went off to kindergarten. She was thoroughly prepared socially, emotionally, and academically. West Park Daycare and Preschool played a tremendous role in that preparation. Being confident that our daughter was fully prepared to embark up her formal academic experience as a result of her time at West Park Preschool and Daycare, The Montessori Way, brought us tremendous peace of mind. The experience for me as a parent has been wonderful. Lailoma is and has always been responsive to questions and/or concerns, she communicates well with parents, and sends out monthly newsletters to inform the parents what our kids are learning which allowed us to expand upon that at home. Our children are our greatest treasure and Jennifer and I both sincerely thank you and teacher Dan and for taking such amazing care of Kaylie, Brooklyn, and Aiden. You’ve truly made our family welcome in your home and brought our family in as if we were a part of yours. Thanks for all of the amazing memories and crafts as they’ll last a lifetime. Sincerely, The Blosfields

Viola said on Apr 4, 2016 2:49 AM

My 3 year old daughter has been going to Lailomas for a little over a year now. There were some challenges as far as being delayed in some areas, however since the time of her enrollment she has improved exponentially. I definitely attribute the growth to Lailomas dedication to her students and hands on approach with her teaching methods. My daughter is so excited to see them everyday and is now the one ushering me out and telling me good bye when I drop her off each morning. Also, I really like the holiday festivities that her family hosts with their Christmas and Easter parties. That extra effort is very well appreciated and the kids love seeing Santa and the Easter bunny. Overall the quality of care and education Lailoma provides is phenomenal. Her family has become like family!

Melissa said on Dec 6, 2014 10:57 PM

We have been going to Lailoma for about a year now and we are very impressed. My 2.5 year old son has learned a lot since starting with her. He looks forward to going over there every day and never wants to leave. I also really like the fact that my 7 month old daughter smiles when she sees Lailoma and her family. They always are excited to see my kids as well. Like we are part of the family. The monthly newsletters and daily texts help to keep us in the loop on what my kids are learning throughout the day. I have no doubt that my kids will be fully prepared to attend kindergarten in a few years thanks to Lailoma.

Eunice, Mother of Jasmine said on Aug 24, 2013 3:43 AM

I highly recommend this preschool/child care owned and operated by a fantastic and wonderful woman. She loves the kids like her own. She's very patient, gentle and caring to all the children. Our 21-month old daughter goes here and since this was her 1st time in daycare/preschool, she had a hard time in the beginning but she adjusted right away because of the amount and quality time and care that Lailoma gives to her. As a parent, it was hard for me to leave my child to someone for the very first time but seeing how Lailoma cares for my daughter and the other children, I knew that this is the place where I wouldn't have to worry whether she is getting the best care possible. Everytime my daughter comes home, there's always something new that she learned that day like letters, numbers, new words, new skills, etc. My daughter loves Lailoma so much that she even mentions her name and all the other kid's name when we pray at night. My husband and I feel very blessed to have found a place where we know our daughter is cared and loved for.

Carry Garcia said on Jul 27, 2013 3:35 AM

The level of service at West Park Preschool & Childcare is fantastic. Having been known Lailoma the teacher who has a 4 year degree in Child Development for some time; we decided to enroll our 4 year old while she was in process of receiving her Child Care license. she provided a great care for our 4 year old with a lot of effort to get our 4 year old prepare for kindergarten as well as teach him the followings such as how to share and take turns with other kids as he did not have that knowledge before, and solve problem while interacting with other kids. I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of her and the amount of time she spent that made my child prepare for kindergarten. She has a great preschool curriculum and provides extra activities for their age levels that makes learning more interesting. My 4 year old has learned a lot just in a short amount of time, and I am very pleased with her service. Carry Garcia

Lynne Jensen Andres said on Jul 27, 2013 2:46 AM

My two kids (2 and 4) have been going here now for several months, and we all love her. She does tremendously fantastic hands-on work with the children, and specializes in prepping kids for grade school. My son, age 4, has difficulty with fine motor skills, meaning that although he knows his letters and numbers by sight, he had trouble writing and even holding a pen correctly. Fast forward 3 months after he started, and not only can he write his own name by now, he can write the alphabet and his numbers, too. She is warm, caring, and nurturing -- all the qualities you want in someone who takes care of your children. Every day when we pick up the children, it's a struggle to get them to come home with us because they're having so much fun. Her backyard is fantastic, with an elaborate, sturdy play set, lots of room to run, a basketball hoop, and a small garden the children plant in. Finally, I have to commend her on her excellent communication with parents. Each day, I get several photo texts from her with pictures of my children doing art projects, eating, or simply playing. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Elaine Johnston said on Jul 25, 2013 9:01 PM

Recommendation for ABC Learning and Playing Preschool and Daycare We are extremely pleased with the progress our 4 year old granddaughter has made while enrolled in the ABC Learning and Playing Preschool and Daycare. Teacher Lailoma Nelson provides a family oriented environment while making progress in all preschool learning activities. Our granddaughter has made great strides in learning letters, numbers, shapes, etc; as well as manners and sociability…. We feel she is much better prepared for a well rounded entry into kindergarten next year. Elaine Johnston

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